saves the planet

The premier Cardano Stakepool funding
ecologically responsible social impact projects
in Asia

Pool ID : 42850eb2d0c386213d60039c4b5888ecc996fc48063514cf20d4d82c

100% of our margin will go to the projects.


Our pool infrastructure is scalable and on a high-performing internet connection allowing for the ultra-fast exchange of mining information.


The node is run in a managed data center in Singapore following a strict regulatory environment to protect the managed delegated funds.

Reliable and Secure

24/7 online and operated by Professionals with more than 20 years of DevOps experience. Protected against DDOs and other form of attacks.

Fees and Projects

The pool runs on a 1.5% margin that should allow us to provide funding to relevant social impact projects in Asia. We will donate for every block minted.

100% of the 1.5% margin will go to the projects we support.

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