Supporting the finclout ISPO

The finclout project allows financial creators to earn money by creating better moderated financial content.

Pool ID : 42850eb2d0c386213d60039c4b5888ecc996fc48063514cf20d4d82c

100% of our gains will go to the finclout project.


Our pool infrastructure is scalable and on a high-performing internet connection allowing for the ultra-fast exchange of mining information.


The node is run in a managed data center in Singapore following a strict regulatory environment to protect the managed delegated funds.

Reliable and Secure

24/7 online and operated by Professionals with more than 20 years of DevOps experience. Protected against DDOs and other form of attacks.

Fees and Projects

In line with the requirements of the ISPO the pool will take a 99.9% margin that should provide all necessary funding to the finclout project.

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